Spring 2015 Communiqué: Spring Into Economic Development

Albuquerque ― Economic development is a critical topic for a vast number of communities across the United States. Although there are significant indictors of the nation's resiliency towards economic oscillation from 2008, employment remains to challenge the upward mobility for many individuals. This is evident in the potent job competitiveness and stagnant job creation in various parts of... Continue Reading →


Announcing the National Youth Leadership Council Youth Advisors

Youth Advisory Council The YAC is a team of young servant-leaders recognized for their dedication to promoting youth leadership, service-learning, and promoting educational achievement for all. The YAC advises NYLC on its programming — specifically the development of a National Campaign, the National Service-Learning Conference®, and other youth leadership trainings across the country — and... Continue Reading →

Service-Learning and How the State Farm Youth Advisory Board Can Help You Learn

Service-Learning is an experiential component that 21st Century classrooms are taking advantage. Service-Learning is the marriage of providing positive community service while linking the service to curricula. Today, physical classrooms are not the only learning place because you cannot simulate life-challenges unless you “take it to the streets.” This arising strategy of learning is becoming... Continue Reading →

Be an America’s Promise Alliance Youth Ambassador

Happy Summer! We would like to invite you to join us and America’s Promise Alliance as we discuss how we can all be “Local Changemakers.”  We hope Local Changemakers can become a network of youth ambassadors that engage with educators and community advocates to brainstorm strategies to increase student graduation rates. By centralizing the community and creating this... Continue Reading →

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