The Zambia Committee of Albuquerque Sister-Cities Welcomes Second Official Visit from Mayor of Lusaka

In January 2017, Albuquerque received its second official delegation led by Mayor of Lusaka His Worship Wilson Kalumba and the Zambia Inspector General of Police Mr. Kakoma Kanganja since the 2014 establishment of the two Sister-Cities . Over the course of a week, delegates met with city and state officials including Mayor Richard. J. Barry, Economic, Tourism Department, and the Governor’s Office. The delegation also met with local water technology and food & beverage exporters. During the visit, Mayor Richard J. Barry announced that Albuquerque would contribute two needed fire engines to the City of Lusaka. The two Cities are committed towards on-going mutual engagement of cultural, economic, and educational exchanges.

Zambian Delegation:

Mayor of Lusaka; His Worship Wilson Kalumba

Councilor of Lusaka; Mr. Patrick Mwansa

Public Relations Manager, City of Lusaka; Mr. Mulunda Habeenzu

Inspector General of Zambia Police; Mr. Kakoma Kanganja

Director of Training Zambia Police; Dr. Charles Mbita

Inspector General Aide; Mr. Joshua Chilekwa


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