Service-Learning and How the State Farm Youth Advisory Board Can Help You Learn

DKW YABService-Learning is an experiential component that 21st Century classrooms are taking advantage. Service-Learning is the marriage of providing positive community service while linking the service to curricula. Today, physical classrooms are not the only learning place because you cannot simulate life-challenges unless you “take it to the streets.” This arising strategy of learning is becoming more popular because it is a more interactive and attention grabbing because it requires direct fun involve.

In the past, schools are where you went to get information. The teacher-to-student model evolved because of the lack of access to information. Now, technology has ultimately revolutionized how people receive information. From the tips of your fingers, news, intelligence, or answers to a history question can be answered. The problem with this level of this access power is how well students take these facts and articulate problems and answers.

Service-learning puts students in the seat of a scientist, doctor, or economist just to name a few disciplines. It empowers students to take available information and apply in real life scenarios. As a Board Member on the State Farm Youth Advisory Board, I have the opportunity with to work with dedicated leaders to give $5 million annually to service learning projects in the United States and Canada.
Each year while reading grants, I like reading how diverse and creative service learning can be. I have scored grants with topics ranging from court simulations to teach about juvenile justice to caring for the endangered alligator snapping turtles to learn about biology. This proves that education is, too, diverse and that learning extends beyond the classroom.

The State Farm Grants are open for 2014 Submissions and range from $25,000-$100,000. This is a great opportunity to get support for impactful and sustainable service-learning projects. Simply go to and click the “Grant Applications Available” icon on the front of the page.
On April 9-13, the State Farm Youth Advisory Board will host a workshop on service-learning and the State Farm Youth Advisory Board Grants in Washington, DC at the National Service Learning Conference. This falls on the weekend of April 12, which is the National Day of Service. There will be activities for youth and sponsors across the National Mall all day to volunteer and celebrate service.

On, the “Impact Community” tab will have grant and scholarship opportunities.



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