Devont’e at TEDxABQ Main Event September 28th & 29th, 2018 Devont’e Watson believes that the fight for denuclearization begins where each person has made it their mission to replace acts of violence with acts of compassion and passion, and to create a global community that values community and acceptance over division. Non-proliferation starts with the commitment of each person to replace violence with compassion.


Passion, Progress, Power! Civic Engagement Workshop Series

Global Priorities for New Global and National Leadership

Global and national leadership transitions come at the most pivotal point in history concerning human rights, security, and sustainability.Considering ourselves as microcosms of the global ecosystem compels thought of better having greater engagement and how to become more globally responsible community members. Local grass-roots initiatives are equivocally important towards the development of our communities because of direct... Continue Reading →

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